Privacy Policy


Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 enacted by the European parliament and Council on 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC /General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) and to the Act on entry into force of the General data protection regulation, EUROCONSULTING d.d. (EUROCONSULTING or the Controller), Strossmayerova 16, Rijeka, respects and takes into consideration the privacy of every visitor of our web pages and, as prescribed by these privacy rules, hereby presents all the information related to collecting and processing of personal data.


This Privacy policy apply to the data collected during the use of the web page, as well as to certain other personal data processing activities undertaken in EUROCONSULTING.



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Tel: 051 372228



Personal data collected and processed by the Controller, purpose and legal basis for the processing, legitimate interest of the Controller:

1. Data collected when accessing the web page:


A) cookies 


These data are collected with the aim of improving the characteristics of the Internet page and users’ experience, as well as analyzing the visits to the web page.


The cookies will be used only if you have previously given your consent, selecting the appropriate options in the cookies management form.


Collecting of personal data through technical cookies is a prerequisite for the access to the web pages. If the client does not accept collection of this type of personal data, the functionality of certain features of the site may be compromised – such features may functionally and by appearance be shown differently in your browser. 


For more information on cookies, please read our cookie policy.




B) IP address, browser type, domain name, access time, web page address, navigation/exit page, info about the type of device used for the access to our web pages, operative system used, settings, etc.



The purpose of collecting this data is to ensure a more efficient service to the user, simpler use of web pages, to eliminate a need to continuously enter the same data, manage the web pages and technical solutions, as well as to provide for the information necessary for stipulating and executing contracts or improving of quality of the offered service.



C) The information is shared anonymously with GOOGLE.INC, who collects data from our web site through Google Analytics service and follows the statistics of visits in order to collect information about the attractiveness and successfulness of the web page at the market. In order to receive additional information about which data is collected by Google, please visit our partner’s page regarding the rules about privacy – Google.



2. Data collected in the moment of sending the request through the web page:


- name, surname, e-mail address, company name and other personal data entered by the user in the field „message“


The purpose of collecting the above stated personal data is to enable potential clients and other visitors of the web page to contact EUROCONSULTING through the same and to send requests related to the activity log. By voluntarily giving the own personal data and choosing the field „I agree with the processing of personal data stated in the request, pursuant to the item 2 of the Privacy policy“ you agree with the processing of your personal data within the meaning of the provisions hereto and authorize the Controller to process your personal data. The permission to process personal data may be withdrawn in any moment.


By withdrawing or revoking the permission for processing of personal data with the purpose of sending replies to the requests, your personal data will not be used for this purpose any more. However, withdrawal or revocation has no influence on legitimacy of data processing based on the consent you have given before the revocation itself.


The data is kept for the period of five years, counting from the end of the year in which the last communication had been exchanged regarding the request based on your consent. In the moment of revocation of the permission, your data will be cancelled and EUROCONSULTING will not be able to process your requests.


If, during or following the cancellation of your request you do stipulate a contractual or preliminary relationship with the Controller, your data will continue to be processed, since it is necessary for executing the contract.


3. Data collected with the purpose of stipulating and executing the contract at the client’s request:


a) information required by the accounting regulations;


b) contact data: name, surname, e-mail, telephone number, cell phone number, fax number, headquarters’ address, mail delivery address, other contact data (for example: Skype);


c) personal data presented on I.D. or passport, or on other official documents may be subject of processing, with the purpose of making identification by taking insight of the same. The photocopies of I.D.s or passports will be neither saved nor processed. The client may be refused to be rendered the service (for example delivery of package) if he refuses to present his ID, passport or other official documents for the purpose of identification.


The purpose of collecting the personal data is to regularly comply with the obligations resulting out of the contract and providing for all the preliminary contract information requested by professional partners, clients and potential suppliers.



4. Processing of contact data for the purpose of future professional contacts and direct marketing


Personal data collected pursuant to the item 3 paragraph b) may be processed by EUROCONSULTING for the purpose of direct marketing and making of future professional contacts, but a legitimate interest of the Controller as well.

In case the professional partner or supplier – legal entity does not provide its consent for processing of personal data under this legal basis, it will be entitled to file a complaint to the Controller, and following that complaint, its personal data will not be processed any more, under this legal basis (opt-out).



Method of processing the personal data:

Personal data is processed electronically and stored on electronic medium, with the application of all legal, organizational and technical measures for data protection by EUROCONSULTING.


Personal data is processed within the group of the Controller's entrepreneur group. The data is given at disposal of the subjects approved by EUROCONSULTING.


Personal data is protected against unauthorized use at least by antivirus, firewall and unwanted cancellation prevention systems.



Data subjects / categories of data subjects:



The data is exchanged within the group of enterprises and, depending of necessities, to foreign processors pursuant to the contract on processing of personal data stipulated with the Controller, as, for example, accounting service, IT system maintenance company, professionals working in the field of occupational safety and health, and similar. 


Retention of personal data collected for processing:

For more information and details related to retention of personal data collected through the cookies, please read our cookies policy.


Data collected in the moment of sending the request through web page (item 2) is stored for at least five years, counting from the expire of the year in which the communication based on a request ended.


Data collected for the purpose of stipulation and executing of the contract (item 3) is stored not longer than five years counting from the expire of the year in which the contractual relationship ended, or even longer if a dispute is in course or if the statute of limitations is longer than the aforementioned one.



Rights relating to collecting and processing of personal data:

We guarantee for the following rights, at any time:


  • Right to access personal data – it is your right to receive the Collector's confirmation on whether your personal data is being processed or not, to be informed about the purpose of processing, category of data processed, data subjects, periods of keeping the data. It is also your right to ask for a correction, cancellation, limitation of processing or file a complaint about data processing.


  • Right to correction – you are entitled to request the incorrect data to be corrected or incomplete data amended, if it is related to you.


  • Right to deletion – you are entitled to ask the Controller to delete personal data related to you under certain circumstances, unless the case concerns the fact that the data keeping is prescribed by the law.


  • Right to limitation of processing of personal data – you are entitled to provide that the Controller limits the processing of your personal data, under certain circumstances.


  • Right to objection – you are entitled to express your objection to processing of your personal data.


  • Right to data transfer – you are entitled to transfer your personal data to another controller and, where technically applicable, the transfer will be made in automatic.


  • Right to submit complaint to competent authority: Agency for protection of personal data, Martićeva ulica 14, HR – 10000 Zagreb, Tel. 00385 (0)1 4609-000, Fax. 00385 (0)1 4609-099, E-mail:, web:


The aforementioned rights may be exercised in any time, by sending the written communication to the address of EUROCONSULTING d.d.


Euroconsulting d.d

Strossmayerova 16

51000 Rijeka


OIB 14914922082